Qiuli eat like this, clear phlegm and stop coughing!
2020-01-15 11:26

Qiuli can stop wind and phlegm

Chen Chao, pediatrics department, Nanjing Integrated Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

There are many fruits on the market in autumn. On the value of health preservation, autumn pears are in the forefront. Why do you say that? Because pear is rich in nutrition, it has high medicinal value. For example, in autumn and winter, many people know a famous cream recipe - Qiuli cream. In fact, there are many ways to use pears as medicine. How to make the fruit pears that you often eat become healthy pears to prevent and cure various diseases?

In the Five Dynasties, a well-known herbal book, the sun huazi herbal, recorded that pears "make syrup and spit wind and phlegm." Wind phlegm is the disease name of traditional Chinese medicine, which belongs to the disease of phlegm disturbing liver meridian. The specific symptoms are: dizziness and headwind, dizziness and astringency of eyes, pruritus of ears, swelling pain of flanks and ribs, left paralysis and right paralysis, numbness and lameness, blue veins and faces, stuffy limbs, secret and astringent urination, irritability, and many blisters of phlegm.

Pear mash extract plus ginger juice and white honey can clear phlegm and stop coughing. As we all know, Qiuli cream does not only have pears, but also needs two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine if we want to achieve the effect of clearing phlegm and stopping coughing. According to the Lingnan medical book "seeking the origin of Materia Medica", clear phlegm and stop coughing: pear, used for mashing juice, good for boiling cream, with ginger juice and white honey

The pear without residue is more effective. Wang Bingheng's Chongqing Tang essay in the Qing dynasty recorded what kind of pear is more suitable for medicinal use, and told us how to classify and use: "pear, regardless of its shape and color, always has a small heart and a thin meat, chews without residue, and tastes pure and sweet. All pyrotechnics, coal fires, wine poisons, all the hot drugs for the patients, eat the Lijie. Warm and dry disease, yin deficiency and blazing fire, body fluid burnt dry, the effect of mashing juice drink.

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