Remove Dampness and Clear Away Summer Heat—Steamed White Gourd with Minced Meat
2024-02-25 09:58
It is certainly good to eat more winter melons in summer. As one of the seasonal vegetables, it is heat-reducing and swelling-free, and contains no fat. Steam the winter melon and eat it, the minced meat is marinated, and the middle is steamed with the winter melon, and finally a flavoured chrysanthemum juice is finished. In summer, eating a couple slices of white gourd while adding a little of minced meat equals a meat diet.
Winter melon contains nutritional products such as vitamins, and can also prevent starch and sugar from being converted into fat. Because it is rich in cellulose, it has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, diminishing water and swelling, quenching thirst, laxative, relieving chest congestion, as well as clearing heat and stomach.
Ingredients Consumption
Cooking wine
Pork 150 g
white gourd 350 g
beef flavor sauce
Cut the winter melon into slices, place them on a plate, and sprinkle some salt on the surface to add flavor. Boil some water, then steam the melon in the pot for 8 minutes
Add appropriate amount of minced ginger, oyster sauce, salt, pepper and cooking wine to the meat filling, stir in one direction
Heat the pan, add the appropriate amount of oil, and stir-fry the minced meat. After the minced meat changes color, add the beef flavored sauce then stir-fry together
Add a small amount of water and soy sauce, cook for two minutes together; add water starch to thicken and boil until thick
Pour the cooked minced meat and juice on the steamed winter melon. Finally sprinkle some green onions. Homemade, of course, the more the minced meat sauce is poured, the better.
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