Winter Nourishing Health Porridge Pigeons Porridge
2024-05-21 09:59
After the beginning of autumn, winter comes, which is the time for health preservation. The health porridge cooked by pigeons is fragrant, fresh, sweet, smooth, nutritious and delicious. People who have eaten all like it.
Pigeons have a very high nutritional value. They are not only a precious delicacy, but also an advanced tonic. Pigeon meat is a high protein and low fat food, whose protein content is 24.47%. Under the same quality, it contains more calcium, iron, copper and vitamin A, B and E than chicken, fish, cattle and mutton.
Ingredients Consumption
Ginger 10 g
Rice 150 g
Scallion 10 g
pigeon 500 g
Clean and cut the pigeon.
Add the rice, peanut oil and water to the pot to make the porridge. The add the pigeon, ginger and cook for 10 minutes. You can add some salt, pepper and scallion according to your preference
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