Health In Spring Healthy Cake Made Of Glutinous Rice And Red Dates
2024-06-22 09:59
Spring is coming, don’t forget to keep your health, ladies. This healthy cake made of glutinous rice and red dates is easy to cook. Now, ladies, let’s learn together
Red dates is rich in triterpenoids and adenosine diphosphate. Most triterpenoids could suppress the growth of cancer cells.
Ingredients Consumption
Red dates 50 g
milk 150 g
Glutinous rice flour 300 g
Brown sugar 50 g
Have all the materials ready
Brown sugar and milk are poured into the pot, and melt the brown sugar slowly over low heat
After the brown sugar is melted, add butter and glutinous rice flour and stir again to form a paste
Turn off the heat, pour the red dates into the pot then stir.
Turn off the heat, pour the red dates into the pot then stir.
The red dates cake is very healthy, don\'t miss it!
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