Green Food—Mugwort Cake
2024-02-23 09:59
Mugwort cake enjoys great popularity in some areas of southern China. It tastes sweet and different from place to place due to different nationalities. The artemisia argyi cake is particularly green and fragrant in the Qingming season, soft, waxy and sweet, which helps warm people's hearts, moisten the spleen and stomach.
Wormwood is also a kind of green food with special health function, which helps laxative, detoxification and beauty, and it is also the best food for "warm the uterus and promote pregnancy". It has a health care effect, and can regulate vital energy and blood, remove cold and dampness, warm womb and channels, halt bleeding, protect the fetus and prevent irregular menstruation.
Ingredients Consumption
Glutinous rice flour 250 g
white sugar
artemisia argyi 50 g
sticky rice flour 40 g
cooked black sesame
shredded coconut stuffing
Stir-fry the peanuts, peel them, then roll them into small pieces and mix them with cooked black sesame and coconut. Add sugar and mix well
Wash the artemisia leaves and put them in a cooking machine
Mix glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour, then add the shredded coconut stuffing. Add appropriate amount of boiling water to the powder, knead into a smooth dough and divide into equal parts
Round the dough and knead to form a slightly thicker dough in the middle, wrap it with the filling, slowly close it by your hands part between the thumb and index finger, and slightly round it and place it on the steaming rack that have been printed oil
Add water in the pot, boil the water and steam for ten minutes
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