Healthy Soup in Spring -- Cordyceps Flowers Spareribs Soup
2024-06-16 10:00
Spring comes round, quickening all creation. Are you worried about keeping in good health? Today, I'd like to introduce you a soup that is very suitable for health preservation and supplement - cordyceps flowers spareribs soup. You don't need to add a drop of soy sauce. The soup is clear and non-greasy, delicious and sweet. It is suitable for all ages, especially women who love beauty. Don't worry about getting fat. Let's learn it together.
Cordyceps extract contains Cordyceps polysaccharide, amino acid, SOD, vitamin E and other substances, which can reduce the content of blood lactic. The serum testosterone content increaesd significantly. Cortisol is reduced, and the physiological state of human body is restored rapidly, which enhances strength and endurance. SOD enzyme can eliminate superoxide radicals metabolized by the body and induce the production of superoxide anions. Further research on the anti-aging and anti-oxidant substances in cordyceps can develop new cosmetics or health products.
Ingredients Consumption
Red dates 30 g
Pork ribs 500 g
Cordyceps flowers 120 g
First, clean the spareribs and remove the blood foam from the water.
Prepare all the materials
Change new soup and put in the ribs and materials. After boiling water over high heat, turn to medium heat and cook for one hour.
Add salt to season 20 minutes before leaving the pot. Then put in the cordyceps flowers and continue to stew.
When the time is up, drizzle some sesame oil and it\'s done.
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