Healthy Summer—Borscht
2024-02-28 10:00
Borscht is a thick vegetable soup that originated in Ukraine. During the October Revolution, a large number of Russians arrived and fell to Shanghai. They brought vodka and Russian-style western cuisine. This soup evolved from Russian beetroot soup, and it is sour and refreshing with the spiciness peculiar to pepper, boasting delicate and strong flavor, which can stimulate appetite.
Borscht can sterilize, promote digestion, lower blood pressure and blood fat, prevent cancer and anti-cancer, delay aging, supplement calcium, enhance resistance, lower blood sugar and fat, improve eyesight, help defectation, widen the bowel, calm liver and lower blood pressure, strengthen stomach and help digestion.
Ingredients Consumption
Carrot 50 g
Potato 300 g
tomatoes 270 g
beef brisket 500 g
cabbage 230 g
Prepare the ingredients, cut the beef brisket into diamond-shaped pieces, cut various kinds of ingredients into pieces
Soak the sirloin in cold water for half an hour until the blood is out. Add cold water, ginger and cooking wine to the pot, boil then get it out. Take the enamel pot, pour the sirloin after the boiled water, add ginger, cold water over the ingredients
Add oil into a wok, fry the tomatoes to medium well, and add tomato sauce and soy sauce. Add potatoes and carrots to the pan and stir fry
Cook the brisket over medium heat for 40 minutes, until the brisket is soft and rotten
Pour the fried tomato sauce into the beef broth, simmer for 10 minutes, cook until the potatoes are soft and add cabbage. Cook for 3 minutes on high heat, season with salt, then you can dish out. Sprinkle with coriander and finish
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