Clear Heat And Moisten Body in Autumn Pear Soup with Lily
2024-05-19 09:59
Autumn dryness is a disease caused by people's feeling of dryness in autumn. The disease pathogen invades from the mouth and nose. There are some symptoms of dryness of body fluid and air at the beginning, such as Dry nasopharynx, dry cough and less phlegm, dry skin, etc.You can eat more fruits, lilies, some soup and porridge for nourishing Yin, tonifying lung, moistening dryness, promoting body fluid and so on to remove dryness in autumn. Pear is the most efficient fruit, so this pear soup with pear is the best for you.
Lily contains 21.29% protein, 12.43% fat, 11.47% reducing sugar and 1.61% starch,calcium, phosphorus and iron. Every 100 grams of Lily contains 1.443 mg of vitamin B, 21.2 mg of vitamin C and some special nutrients such as alkaloids. These ingredients not only have a good nourishing effect on human body, but also have a certain prevention and control effect on a variety of seasonal diseases caused by the dry climate in autumn. In traditional Chinese medicine, fresh lily has the effect of nourishing the heart and mind, moistening the lung and relieving cough, which is very beneficial to the weak after the disease.
Ingredients Consumption
Pear 1000 g
Lily 50 g
Wash the pears and then peel, core and cut them.
Clean lily.
Add water pear and Lily in the casserole, simmer for 30 minutes without adding sugar, because pear itself has sweet taste
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