Kelp Tofu Soup
2024-04-14 09:59
The combination of tofu and kelp doubles the effect of reducing blood pressure and fat. The ingredients are simple and common, the price is very cheap, and the nutrition is delicious. The light tofu and the delicious kelp are an excellent match. Drinking this bowl of soup often makes the whole family healthier and healthier.
Kelp tofu soup has the functions of accelerating metabolism, delaying aging, increasing the elasticity of blood vessel walls, preventing vascular hardening and fragility, and preventing radiation. And tofu is rich in protein and also contains a variety of substances called "saponins", which will prevent lipid peroxides. The production can inhibit fat absorption, promote fat decomposition, and make weight loss more effective.
Ingredients Consumption
Cooking wine
kelp 200 g
Tofu 200 g
pork belly 100 g
soy sauce
sesame sauce
Cut the pork belly into small pieces and put them in a meat grinder to make meat fillings
Add salt, light soy sauce and cooking wine to the beaten meat, stir well, and marinate for about 20 minutes
Cut the tofu into cubes for later use, and cut the washed kelp into strips
Add appropriate amount of edible oil to the pot, add meat and stir-fry until the color changes
Add kelp and stir-fry evenly, and add appropriate amount of water. Bring to a boil, add the sliced ​​tofu cubes, simmer for 20-30 minutes over low heat
Add sesame oil and chopped green onion after being out of the pot, and a bowl of detox and fat-reducing kelp tofu soup is ready
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