Scrambled Eggs with Chives
2024-04-12 09:58
Scrambled eggs with chives are simple and quick home cooking, nutritious and delicious. Eggs are more easier to absorb salt than leeks, so the salt should be separated. If you put salt together, the eggs will be very salty and the leeks will be very light. The leeks that have been fried with a small amount of salt will fry their own vegetable juice, and the taste will be better and more tasty.
The effects of chives: invigorating the stomach, refreshing, keeping warm, antiperspirant and astringent, invigorating the kidney and yang, etc. It has a soothing effect on women's postpartum care and physical discomfort. And the dietary fiber contained in it can promote bowel movements.
Ingredients Consumption
Cooking wine
Vegetable oil
chives 200 g
egg 150 g
Wash the leek and cut into sections. Beat the eggs into a bowl, add two spoons of water, a small spoon of cooking wine, and a little salt
Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot and heat it up. Pour in the beaten eggs, when they are almost solidified, scatter and stir fry for a while to serve
Pour in an appropriate amount of oil and heat, pour in the chives and stir-fry until they are medium well
Pour in eggs and stir fry
Add a little salt and stir well to serve
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