Spicy Fried Mushroom
2024-04-10 10:00
If you want to eat fried chicken while being afraid of high calories, you can try the small fried snacks made of olive oil and mushrooms. This snack with half the calories, it is healthy and satisfies a craving for good food. Olive oil is lower in calories than normal cooking oil and has higher nutrition. Mushrooms can replace meat and starch, which is not easy to get fat and is easy to learn.
The effective ingredients of mushrooms can enhance the function of T lymphocytes, thereby improving the body's immunity against various diseases. Mushrooms contain crude fiber, semi-crude fiber and lignin that are difficult for human body to digest, which can maintain the water balance in the intestine. They can cure leukopenia, gastrointestinal disorders and other diseases, and also have a certain effect on promoting appetite and restoring brain function.
Ingredients Consumption
mushrooms 200 g
chili powder 3 g
five spice powder 5 g
salt and pepper 8 g
Chinese prickly ash 5 g
Starch 25 g
egg 50 g
Wash the mushrooms after rooting.
Add oil to the pan and heat it up.
Mix flour and eggs, add a little water, stir to form a natural batter, then add a little salt to season. Pour the batter into the mushrooms and mix well.
Add mushrooms when the oil temperature is 70% hot.
Deep fry until golden in appearance, drain oil after removing. Dip with salt and pepper and cumin powder when eating.
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