Spring Regimen--Snow Pear and Tremella Soup
2024-06-15 09:58
Spring diet should be selected according to the individual's physique, and the group of ordinary healthy people do not advocate a large amount of supplements. People who are particularly weak can take appropriate cordyceps sinensis and other tonic. For healthy people, the diet in spring should be light, and do not overeat dry and spicy food. So, let's try this spring dessert, snow pear and tremella soup, for relieving a cough and moistening lung today.
Snow pear is sweet and cold. It contains malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene, etc. It has the effects of promoting fluid production, moistening dryness, clearing heat and eliminating phlegm. Tremella contains complex chemical components. Preliminary analysis shows that tremella includes 6.7%-10% protein, 65%-71.2% carbohydrate, 0.6%-12.8% fat, 2.4%-2.75% crude fiber, 4.0%-5.4% inorganic salt, 15.2%-18.76% moisture and a small amount of vitamin B.
Ingredients Consumption
Red dates 20 g
tremella 50 g
Rock sugar 15 g
Wolfberry 10 g
Pear 250 g
Soak the tremella for standby
Cut the soaked tremella into pieces with scissors and put them into the stew pot. Throw away the hard stems of tremella. Peel and dice the pears, and then pour crystal sugar, red jujubes and Chinese wolf-berry into the stew pot
Pour in water that drowns the ingredients, and start to simmer until the soup thickens
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