Spring Light Meal -- Mango Prawn Salad
2024-06-17 09:59
Spring is in the air and it's getting warmer and warmer. With wearing less and less clothes, there is not enough to hide even fat meat. Losing weight is an eternal topic for girls. There is basically no shortcut to lose weight. Exercise plus diet is the top choice. However, dieting does not mean eating less is better, it means eating healthily. Sufficient protein and carbohydrate intake must be ensured every day. Start making a full, low-calorie and nutritious mango prawn salad!
Mango contains triterpene acids such as mango keto acid, isomango keto acid, ambonic keto acid, ambonic alcohol acid, etc and polyphenol compounds such as gallic acid, meta-digallic gallic acid, gallic tannin, quercetin, isoquercitrin, mangiferin, ellagic acid, etc. It also contains 0.505-0.527% and 2.061-7.765% (with skin) of various carotenoids, of which β -carotene accounts for about 60%, and there are more than 10 other carotenoids such as violaxanthine
Ingredients Consumption
Shrimp 150 g
Mango 500 g
Arugula 400 g
Pine nuts 20 g
Cherry tomatoes 50 g
Cider vinegar
Sea salt
Prepare all the materials
Cut the mango in half and dice it according to the picture. It is very easy to handle. Try to choose the ripe mango.
Extract the prawn intestines from the prawn in advance. Wash and drain them. Live shrimps are more delicious, but they are troublesome to deal with. For convenience, you can also buy frozen anchovies directly. Then drain them after thawing
Puree the mango meat left over from diced mango. Then mix a proper amount of mustard sauce, bitter tea oil, cider vinegar, thyme, sea salt and white granulated sugar and stir well. Adding mango meat puree can not only make the sauce smoother and more viscous, but also add the sweet flavor of mango itself. While other materials can be added flexibly according to personal tast
Mix the sauce and all the ingredients thoroughly and it\'s finished
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