How to make up skin in winter? Why is skin easy to skin in winter
2021-08-03 22:25

In autumn and winter, the climate is relatively dry, and even the skin becomes dry. Many girls who like make-up are very upset, their makeup is not obedient, and it is difficult to make-up. So, what should I do in winter?

Why is the skin easy to peel in winter

The appearance of the skin is related to the moisture content of the stratum corneum. The normal stratum corneum usually contains 10% - 30% moisture to maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin. However, with the growth of age, the moisture content of the stratum corneum will gradually decrease. When the moisture content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will be dry, tight, rough and desquamate. In winter, due to the dry weather, Will aggravate this symptom.



How to make up in winter

Step1: first use moisturizing or moisturizing cleansing milk to clean, and first apply a layer of moisturizing lotion before making foundation.

Step2: apply the foundation liquid to the right amount and spread evenly. At the same time, pay attention to the corners of the mouth, nasal fossa, ear root and other parts.

Step3: apply the concealer to the eyebrows to the nose 1/3 and under the eyes. This can not only cover the dark circles under the eyes, but also brighten them.

Step4: gently pat the face with a powder puff, pay attention to evenly apply powder, apply loose powder to fix the makeup, wipe it according to the T-shaped area, and use the remaining powder to pass through the cheeks to achieve the effect of brightening.

Step5: after the whole makeup is finished, then rub your hands together and press the whole face through the palm, so that the cream foundation can be increased.

Step6: Eye Shadow strengthens water sense. Water like eye shadow is more moisturizing than powder. After taking proper amount of eye shadow, smear it along the eye, then gently wipe it to the eye socket.

Step7: moisturizing lipstick is more difficult than lip gloss to peeling your lips. Use lip brush to get lip gloss and double lips, which can also modify lip lines.



Methods to prevent face peeling in winter

1. Cold boiled water has a better replenishment effect than hot boiled water. Drinking more every day can help maintain the easily lost water at the best level.

2. Drink a cup of cold boiled water before taking a bath or shower to prevent the heat from rapidly evaporating the water under the skin.

3. Skin care products contain vitamins, and the moisturizing effect will be more obvious. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, e, F and H are all good.

4. Night is the time to strengthen skin penetration. When you get up, your skin becomes watery.

5. Fruit can replenish water and vitamins and moisturize the skin deeply. Of course, it can not be omitted. But eating fruits with high sugar content will consume water. Citrus, strawberry, grape and other less sweet fruits may as well eat more.

6. When you sleep more than 12 o'clock, the water in your skin will be pumped out. Therefore, people who always stay up late have the problem of relaxation and water shortage.

7. Drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed to accelerate blood circulation and significantly increase the skin's absorption of moisturizers.


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