How to deal with muscle soreness after fitness
2019-10-21 09:15

1. Warm up

Do a good job of preparation and arrangement during exercise. A good preparation and proper exercise will help to prevent or reduce muscle soreness.

2. rest

Rest can slow down the phenomenon of muscle soreness, promote blood circulation slowly, accelerate the elimination of metabolites, and eliminate the supply and repair of nutrition in muscle soreness, so as to make it return to normal.

3. Stretch the draft muscles

It can accelerate the relaxation of muscles and the release of antagonistic muscles, which is helpful for the recovery of spasmodic muscles. Carry out static stretching exercise on the sore area, keep stretching state for 2 minutes, then rest for 1 minute, and repeat it. Do this stretching exercise several times a day to help relieve the spasm.

4. Do aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise after muscle ache is conducive to the automatic decomposition of lactic acid produced in the body and the generation of energy, so as to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body, so as to eliminate and relieve muscle ache after exercise.

5. massage

Massage the acid gas part to relax the muscle, promote the blood circulation of the muscle, help to repair the injury and relieve the spasm. Of course, self relaxation therapy can also be carried out, generally with the back of the neck, limbs as the main, head and chest abdomen as the auxiliary.

6. hot compress

It is the most effective way to apply heat to the sore local muscles, which can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, accelerate the release and recovery of muscle ache, especially with slight stretching or massage, which will be more able to accelerate the elimination of delayed muscle ache.

7. Nutrition supplement

In the 2 hours after fitness, a large amount of carbohydrates are consumed to recover muscle glycogen level, so a meal should be taken within 2 hours after fitness.

8. Oral vitamin C and e

It can promote the synthesis of collagen in connective tissue, accelerate the repair of damaged tissue and relieve pain. Vitamin C is not only the main component of the lubricant connecting tissues, but also can protect cells from destruction and prevent aging. Main sources: nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, rapeseed oil, whole grains, etc. The above is how to eliminate muscle ache after fitness. If you have muscle ache after fitness, you can try the above method, which is a good way to eliminate muscle ache.

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