Autumn Health Food Yam Cooked with Edible Fungus
2024-05-16 09:58
Do you have no appetite in autumn? How about a plate of vegetables? Yam cooked with edible fungus must be suitable for you. Yam cooked with edible fungus is a famous traditional Chinese delicious dish. It is rich in nutrition and simple to cook which keeps a lot of nutrition
Yam has nutrition of saponin, mucin, mucopolysaccharide, amino acid, Vitamin C, etc. Among them, mucin and mucopolysaccharide are the most valuable. Mucin has a special health care effect on human body, which can prevent the fat deposition of cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, eliminate fat and avoid obesity. Edible fungus can help the digestive system dissolve indigestible which is indigestible. It can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia, thrombus, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, as well as cancer.
Ingredients Consumption
Yam 200 g
Edible fungus 30 g
Soak edible fungus in advance, slice yam and slice garlic.
Add some oil into the wok and heat it, add garlic and stir fry. Then add yam and edible fungus. Cook and stir them.
After cooking evenly, add some water and cook over medium and small fires. When the soup is halved, add vinegar and cook over high heat. Add some salt
It is done after cooking evenly
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