Winter Tonic Hot Drink Honey Pomelo Tea
2024-05-22 09:59
Winter means silence and desolation in many areas. When the cold comes, creatures will reduce their life activities, and many plants will lose their leaves. At this time, come and take a cup of hot honey pomelo tea for warming in winter.
Honey pomelo tea is not only delicious, but also a kind of food with whitening, freckle removing, skin rejuvenating and beauty nourishing effects. The L-Cysteine contained in honey has the function of detoxification. People who often have acne can effectively relieve skin diseases after taking it. It has a certain effect of removing spots.
Ingredients Consumption
Rock sugar 300 g
Honey 300 g
Pomelo 1000 g
Peel the pomelo. Cut the peel into 8 pieces of the same size. Remove the white part. The thinner the pomelo peel, the better. Or it will be bitter when it is boiled out.
Cut the pomelo peel into thin silks. Soak them in light salt water for half an hour, and then wash them with clean water twice. It is recommended to boil them in boiling water for a while to remove the bitter taste.
Add sugar and pomelo peel to the pot. Pour some water. Cook until the pomelo peel is transparent, then add pomelo meat.
Cook for about an hour, and remember to stir during the cooking, especially pay attention not to paste the pot during the final cooking, and turn off the fire when the water is basically dried
When it is cooked well, wait until it becomes cool, then add honey, stir well, and store in a sealed container
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