Good Dishes for Staying Healthy— Vegetarian Fried Sweet Potato Leaves
2024-02-10 09:57
The sweet potato sprouts, also called sweet potato leaves or sweet potato leaves. In Hong Kong and the world, it is known as the Queen of Vegetables, which could also prolong life-span and resist cancer. Sweet potato stem tips are rich in mucin protein, and it’s leaves could enhance immune function and improve the disease resistance of the body. Due to its naturally good flavor, no matter what method is adopted, you can always get a fresh and smooth taste.
Sweet potato leaves can enhance immunity, improve the body's disease resistance, promote metabolism, and relieve aging, lower blood sugar, facilitate urine, as well as increase platelets, stop bleeding, prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-cancer, prolactin detoxification, protect vision, prevent night blindness.
Ingredients Consumption
Garlic 20 g
sweet potato leaves 500 g
Wash the sweet potato leaves and tear them into several pieces
Smash the garlic head and cut into small pieces
Add oil to the hot pan and explode the garlic head
Stir-fry the sweet potato leaves, sprinkle some water, cover with a lid, and simmer for two minutes. If there are many sweet potato leaves, extend the time appropriately.
Add an appropriate amount of salt oil, season, and enjoy!
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