Autumn Tonic Soup Chicken Soup with Ginseng
2024-05-15 09:58
Chicken soup with ginseng is not only not greasy, but also fresh and delicious. It has a aroma of medicine. The chicken is completely stewed. The meat separates from the bones under the chopsticks. The smell of meat is mixed with the smell of rice. The stomach of chicken is filled with glutinous rice. The glutinous rice with the essence of chicken soup is more delicious than the tender chicken. At the same time there are red dates, ginseng and other ingredient which are rich in nutrition.
Red dates also has very high medicinal value, which can tonify spleen and stomach, nourish blood, tranquilize the mood and nourish the skin. The welsh onion calm the nerves, relieve tension caused by work stress. It can make the skin blood circulation well, and make the skin ruddy. This kind of soup has the functions of nourishing blood, benefiting qi, nourishing skin, tranquilizing the mood and replenishing energy. It's delicious and rich in nutrition, which is suitable for all year round
Ingredients Consumption
Garlic 10 g
Ginger 10 g
Sticky Rice 30 g
Red dates 20 g
Scallion 10 g
Chicken 1500 g
Ginseng 50 g
Prepare all the materials well
Remove the head and feet of the whole chicken, apply a little salt to the body of the chicken. Soak the glutinous rice, remove the root of ginseng, cut the welsh onion into segments. Cut the ginger into slices.
Divide the ingredients into 2 parts and fill in the chicken with one part. Put the chicken into the pot and add water. Then put the other ingredient, simmer for one hour.
You can add some scallion before eating. Add some salt for season.
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