How does spring liver fire flourish? How does traditional Chinese medicine nourish the liver
2021-08-03 18:54

How does spring liver fire flourishing do

1. Seaweed

Cold in nature and salty in taste, it contains a lot of iodine, alginic acid, vitamins, protein and fat. It has the effect of resolving phlegm and dispersing knot. It has been studied that its extract can better inhibit platelet aggregation, lipid oxidation and anti ulcer.

2. Cucumber

It is cold in nature and sweet in taste. It contains pentose, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and protein. Its fine fiber can promote intestinal toxin excretion and reduce cholesterol. Its propanedioic acid can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, especially suitable for the prevention and treatment of fatty liver.



3. Lily

It is mild in nature and sweet in taste. It contains protein, fat and demethylated colchicine. It has the functions of Supplementing Qi, tonifying the middle, benefiting the lung and relieving cough, and can soften, strengthen and calm the mind. Colchicine has the effect of anti liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. Regular consumption of Lily can prevent and treat liver cirrhosis.

4. Garlic

It belongs to Liliaceae. It is pungent, warm and spicy. It should be cooked for patients with liver disease. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. its extract has the effects of antibacterial, antiviral and softening blood vessels.



5. White gourd

It is slightly cold in nature and sweet in taste. It contains protein, vitamins, adenine and niacin. The melon skin can benefit water and reduce swelling; Melon seeds can eliminate carbuncle and swelling, reduce phlegm and relieve cough; Melon meat can clear away heat and quench thirst, and can detoxify fish and crab.

6. Tomatoes

Solanaceae plants are flat in nature, sour and slightly sweet in taste. They are rich in protein, fat, inorganic salts, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and carotene. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and calming liver. It can be eaten raw and cooked.

7. Auricularia auricula

It can be divided into black and white. It is flat and sweet. It contains fat, protein and polysaccharide. It can benefit the stomach, nourish blood and nourish.

8. Water spinach

Also known as water spinach, it is sweet and flat in nature. It contains protein, fat, inorganic salt, niacin and carotene. It has the functions of detoxification, clearing heat and cooling blood.

Old Chinese medicine teaches you how to nourish and protect the liver

Secret recipe for protecting liver 1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking more water can supplement body fluid, enhance blood circulation and promote metabolism. Drinking more water can also promote the secretion of glands, especially digestive glands, pancreatic juice and bile, so as to facilitate digestion, absorption and waste elimination, and reduce the damage of metabolites and toxins to the liver.

Secret recipe for protecting liver II. Cheerful mood

If you want a strong liver, you must first learn to control anger. Even if you are angry, don't exceed 3 minutes. Try your best to be calm, optimistic, cheerful and carefree, so as to extinguish the liver fire and regulate the liver Qi normally. If you violate this natural law, you will hurt your liver and Qi. Therefore, keeping a cheerful mood can protect the liver.



Secret recipe for protecting liver III. protecting liver with traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver cannot be replenished. As soon as it is replenished, it will get angry. Tonifying the spleen and kidney can nourish the liver. For people with spleen deficiency, take ginseng Jianpi pill, job's tears, yam and Euryale ferox porridge. People with kidney deficiency can take Liuwei Dihuang pill and stew chicken with medlar and Gastrodia elata. For people with liver fire, Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill and chrysanthemum tea can protect the liver

Liver protection secret recipe 4. Eat something before drinking

The secret recipe for drinking is to eat before drinking. Drink less naturally and do less harm. If you must drink and want to take some preventive measures, you should eat more food to cushion your stomach. After eating food, you can form a protective film on the gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa, which can not only protect the intestines and stomach, but also prevent some alcohol from entering the blood and reduce the degree of drunkenness.



Liver protection secret recipe v. pay attention to diet balance

Keep a balanced diet, and keep a corresponding proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals in food; At the same time, we should keep the five flavors and try to eat less spicy dishes. Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition are also conducive to protecting the liver and avoiding liver damage caused by excessive drinking.

Secret recipe for protecting liver VI. keep moderate exercise

The last secret recipe for protecting the liver is to strengthen exercise and improve your immunity. Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that exercise can prevent fatty liver and consume excess fat in the body. People who have suffered from fatty liver should adhere to physical exercise and properly carry out some aerobic exercises such as jogging, brisk walking and cycling, which can consume calories and control weight growth.

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