What are the characteristics of each stage of women's psychology?
2020-01-07 19:18

Because women's physical maturity is generally about two years earlier than men's, so their sexual awareness of the emergence and development is also early. With the development of women's menstruation and body feminization, they feel that they are no longer a naive child, and feel that they are more and more different from men. The performance of sexual psychology mainly includes the following three aspects:

The pursuit of sexual knowledge

Women's pursuit of sexual knowledge is more open than men's. Most of their sexual knowledge comes from the classroom. They often talk about sexual issues with their friends and mothers. At the beginning of puberty, they are more dependent on their mothers. With the increase of age, they are more willing to read books and magazines to understand sexual knowledge.

Love for the opposite sex

It is a normal stage of sexual physiological development for young men and women to yearn for and pursue each other. At the beginning of puberty, women often have a kind of panic mood, and show shyness, shyness and rich inner experience in front of people. With the further development of sexual consciousness, they begin to feel attracted by the opposite sex and have the emotional need to approach the opposite sex. At this time, women's friendship circle began to expand or turn to heterosexual friends. They like the opposite sex with characteristics, such as good study, natural and unrestrained, a sense of humor, a brain and ability. They have certain rationality in choosing opposite sex friends. In the communication with friends of the opposite sex, women's emotional experience is very rich and delicate. They began to pay attention to modifying their appearance and using "beauty" to shape themselves. In front of the opposite sex to show a quiet, dignified, generous appearance. The intercourse between men and women during this period is not necessarily true love. Their association with the opposite sex is mostly a psychological need. They don't pay as much attention to the appearance of the opposite sex as men. Editor's note: in fact, the girl's sexual psychology shows earlier than that of the boy. The adolescent girl is like this. If she finds a male friend she loves, she will like everything about him and see him as a part of herself, that is, she will give all her feelings.

Sexual desire

It is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon for teenagers to have sexual desire and impulse after they enter puberty. Women are not associated with sexual desire at first. The expression of their sexual consciousness is implicit, its development is gradual, the process is slow, the emotional experience is deep, and the sexual desire is not urgent. During the period of love, women pay more attention to the psychological contact and emotional exchange between the two sexes. Generally speaking, women are more cautious in dealing with the physical relationship between the two sexes, most of them pay special attention to their virginity. However, due to the deep and strong emotional input of women, when the other party puts forward sexual requirements, they often succumb to the other party's will because of their feelings for their boyfriend.

Research shows that women's sexual desire requirements are not obvious before they have no sexual experience. Once had the sexual experience, the sexual desire becomes very intense. In addition, the earlier the age of sexual maturity, the stronger the sexual consciousness, the earlier the sexual life begins, and the less the sexual experience is affected by social norms.

When does female puberty begin? Different people have different ages to enter puberty. The average age is 11-12 to 17-18. But from the age of 8 to 13, it is possible to enter puberty at any time. Due to the influence of climate, system, heredity, nutrition and other factors, the age at the beginning of puberty is different, slightly different. It lasts for several years before and after puberty. During this period, various changes will occur, including emotional (psychological) and physical (physiological).

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