Eight kinds of food to help women keep their face and fight against aging
2020-01-07 19:18

1 Kiwi fruit makes you look younger

If you want to look like Holly Berry one day, eat more kiwi fruit. It is an excellent source of Cang Sheng life C for other drugs. It can slow down the aging process by strengthening and protecting collagen. The more collagen in your skin, the firmer and more elastic your skin will be. After 15 years, it will still look hot.

2 Egg health enhancement

To make nails strong and healthy, doctors recommend eggs (take more than a few a week). Eggs are rich in vitamin H, which research has found is the key to making your nails super hard.

3 Apple makes a charming smile

According to experts, an apple a day keeps dentists away from me (especially dentists who bleach their teeth). This crisp fruit has proven to remove tooth stains left after drinking coffee, tea or red wine, and give you a smile without yellow spots.

4 Pumpkin seeds eliminate acne

Nutrition experts say pumpkin seed is a acne killer because it is rich in zinc. The study found that people with acne generally lack zinc. Take one or two zinc tablets a day.

5 Spinach makes your eyes more powerful

Spinach is rich in lutein, many studies show that it is the key to protect your eyes, so that your eyes are bright and parallel. Eat one or two bowls a day, about a large spinach salad. For some people, the amount seems to be a lot, experts say. You can use the blender to make a cup, and the intake is enough.

6 Watercress prevent facial edema

Experts suggest eating watercress (also known as Dutch mustard) every day. It contains antioxidants that slow down inflammation and shrink pores, while iron makes you glow. It can increase the antioxidant content in your blood and reduce the loss of DNA.

7 Flaxseed treated dry skin

A new study has found that flaxseed is the best weapon against dry ringworm. Experts say that because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, it can help moisturize skin and keep skin soft and smooth. You can sprinkle flaxseed on a salad, or add a teaspoon of ground flaxseed to a cornflake or yogurt, or bake it on a biscuit or cake.

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